Event Staff…

Premier Connections staff are selected because they are staff who are willing and attentive.
This with their presentation and appearance presents to our clients, who we are.

We know our staff individually and so we actively keep our team to a manageable level
where that can be understood and developed.

Adding to this, their skills and experience makes a potent team who are familiar with each
other, the market, and the places they work at.


We provide qualified cooking staff for events.

Our chefs and kitchen staff are highly sought after and are an invaluable addition
to our clients’ workforce.

These professionals are skills tested, reference checked and are food safety level.


Premier Connections supply highly trained staff to some of the most unique and exclusive
hospitality providers  and event companies/venues.

Our staff are seen cooking or serving at catered functions events in landmark and heritage
venues, galleries, palaces, museums, hotels, and outdoor locations.